Special Judges

Ms. Naoko Yamazaki,Astronaut(scheduled)

In March 2010, she flew to the ISS aboard the space shuttle Discovery (STS-131). In 2011, she retired from JAXA. After that, she is a member of the Space Policy Committee of the Cabinet Office,
an advisor of the Young Astronauts Club Japan (YAC), and a council member of the Earthshot Prize, which is a global environmental award.

Ms. Nataliya Gudziy, Ukrainian Singer & Bandura player(scheduled)

Born in Ukraine.
When she was six years old, an explosion occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant where her father worked, and she was exposed to radiation only 3.5 km from the plant. She was exposed to radiation only 3.5 km from the plant. After that, she moved from place to place as an evacuee and settled in Kiev.
Fascinated by the sound of the bandura, a Ukrainian folk instrument, she began studying at a music school from the age of eight.
In addition to concerts and live performances, she is active in many fields, including music classes, international understanding classes at schools, and TV and radio, and her activities have been featured in textbooks.

Mr. Hikosaburo Bando, Kabuki actor(scheduled)

Born on June 29, 1976. Eldest son of Bando Rakusen.
He made his stage debut in May 1982 at Kabuki-za under the name of Kamezaburo Bando V in Yodogun Joushi (Yodogun’s Love Story), and assumed the name of Hikosaburo Bando IX in May 2017 at Kabuki-za. 

宇宙飛行士 山崎 直子氏


ウクライナの歌姫・バンドゥーラ演奏家 ナターシャ・グジー氏


歌舞伎役者 坂東彦三郎氏



歌舞伎役者 坂東亀蔵氏

2015年6月国立劇場 解説『歌舞伎のみかた』にて優秀賞受賞。

NHKエグゼクティブ・ディレクター 片岡 利文氏

1964年 大阪市生まれ。東京大学教育学部 教育心理学科卒業。NHK エグゼクティブ・ ディレクター。長年、ドキュメンタリーディレクターとして、日本経済や中国に関するNHKスペシャルやクローズアップ現代を制作。2012年から今年6月まで、ものづくり・企業戦略・イノベーション分野の解説委員も務める。著作は「常識破りのものづくり」(山田日登志氏と共著)ほか。趣味は声楽。