Please be sure to read “How to shoot video” and “Notes” on this page, and shoot with the following shooting method using a smartphone or camera.

How to shoot video

Theme: “What is peace? What do I think about peace?”

In the order below, feel free to speech your thoughts on what peace is and your ideas to make the world a peace, within 1 minute.

1. Say hello in your own language,
2. Your nationality,
3. your nickname
4. “I think peace is …”

You can include not only words but also, for example, dancing, singing, drawing pictures and letters in the video.


– “Konnichiwa, This is Japan’s Ayumi! And I think peace is…”
– “Hello! I’m Sophie from England! I think peace is…”
– “你好! I am Hao from China! And I think peace is…”

Video shooting rules

1. Please shoot a video so that only the person participating in the summit can be seen.

*Take the video so that your friends, siblings and others are not shown.


2. Set it to a horizontal screen and face front to shoot.


3. Shoot the video so that you can hear your voice clearly. (For example, speak loudly or shoot in a quiet place where there is no noise around you)


4. The length of the video should be within 1 minute.


5. Be careful not to shoot anything that identifies you, such as a certificate or one with your school’s name.


6. Follow the laws and rules when shooting.

Reference video
Impressions of parent

Once shooting the video, let's apply for participation for the Children's World Peace Summit


< Note >

For those who cannot read the notes in Japanese, we have created notes in English. Actually, you will be asked to agree to the notes in Japanese.


1. Participants’ parents/guardians should carefully check these precautions. It is assumed that the parent’s consent to this note has been obtained when the parent sent the participant’s video (Hereafter, referred to as “this video”.).


2. Participants will be responsible for the cost of producing this video and transmitting the data.


3. The copyright of this video belongs to the participants.


4. Participants agree that the Peace Piece Project and a third party authorized by the Company (Hereafter collectively referred to as “our company”) may use, publish, reprint, publicly transmit, etc. this video free of charge and indefinitely, for the implementation and promotion (Includes public relations, press releases, and event announcements) of the Children’s World Peace Summit (Hereinafter referred to as “this summit”). Also, when our company use this video, our company will not contact you individually.


5. Participants acknowledge that when our company use this video, their nationality, nickname, age, etc. will be displayed. Participants shall not make any claim to the Company for rights based on the moral rights of the author.


6. This video may be used in the promotion of this summit after the next fiscal year.


7. When shooting, make sure that only the person who participates is shown, and be careful not to disturb anyone around you.


8. Do not shoot in places where shooting is prohibited. Also, if there are any precautions or conditions for shooting, please comply with them.


9. If the copyright (Including photos, videos, music, works of art, choreography, etc) or trademark (Company name/Product name) of a third party is included in this video, the participant is responsible for obtaining the consent of the right holder in advance . In the event of a dispute, etc. with a third party regarding this video, participant will take full responsibility for the responsibility and expense of the participant, and our company will not take any responsibility.


10. In the event of infringement of the rights of a third party with respect to this video, the Participant shall handle it at its own expense and responsibility, and if our company suffers any damage, the Participant shall compensate it. In addition, even if the participant suffers any damage in connection with participating in this Summit, our company will not take any responsibility.


11. This video, which is determined by the Company and the Executive Committee to meet or is likely to fall under the following matters, will be excluded from the screening.

(1) Those that violate or may violate laws and regulations

(2) Those that invade the privacy of individuals or slander individuals, companies, groups, etc.

(3) Those that infringe copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights or other intellectual property rights of third parties

(4) Intended for advertising or solicitation of specific ideology, such as advertising of companies or products, political purposes, solicitation of religion, etc.

(5) Offensive to public order and morals

(6) Others determined by the executive committee to be inappropriate


12. If there is any falseness or violation regarding the application contents or this video, our company may not accept your participation in this Summit and may cancel your participation even after participating in this Summit.


Created April 2, 2020
Revised June 10, 2020