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Fostering human resources who can play an active role in the international community for the realization of world peace

We, the Peace Piece Project, define world peace as creating an earth where children can live with peace of mind, and we are raising children who create peace to realize it.


At the Children’s World Peace Summit, teens representing countries around the world play a leading role.
They interested in world peace, and will gather to exchange views in the International Conference Room of the Members’ Office Building, which is actually used by world leaders.

Children will define peace from their perspective, speech ideas for achieving world peace, and swear their individual action plans. 

In the current state of peace learning, there are opportunities to learn the history of war, but there are few opportunities to learn how to create peace.

We provide an experience of proactively learning and thinking about peace with multinational children of the same generation, during important teenage years of mental and physical development.


This will allow children to become interested in international cooperation and acquire the power to play an active role in the international community in the future. This is the purpose of this summit.

We are waiting for applications from many children.

This summit will contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which is an action plan for humans, and the planet to ensure our ongoing prosperity, promoting by the UN.

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Application Requirements

Those aged 10 to 18 can apply. * Age at the time of application

In addition, among the applicants, those who have submitted particularly excellent works will give a speech as a representative of children at the Children’s World Peace Summit at the Members’ Office Building, House of Representatives on August 10, 2021.


Please understand in advance that there will be meetings and events for the following dates before applying.

<Events that need to be attended if selected as a child representative>


➀ There will be an online or face-to-face meeting during July 2021.


② To Participation the Children’s World Peace Summit on August 10, 2021 at the venue or online.

(* Since the summit will be conducted in Japanese, it is necessary for the person or the leader to understand the instructions in Japanese.)

Theme of the work

“What is peace? Ideas for creating world peace that you think”

What is peace for you?
Please tell us your ideas for making the world peaceful by essay or video.

Even if we say “peace” in one word, its meaning is abstract.
First, think about “what is peace” for you.


If you have difficulty thinking about peace, let’s think of someone who you want to make happy.

“What makes the person happy?”
“What is the person in trouble with now?”
There is also a way to think about world peace from the questions above.


And what can you do to achieve the world peace you think?


such as “Is there anything you can do in committee activities and club activities?”, “Is there anything you can do through your future dreams?”, let’s think about it in connection through your future dreams.
Think with your school teacher and family about what you can do on your own and what you want to do with everyone.


Please tell us your ideas for creating world peace with free thinking.

* [Reference material] You can download “Idea Note for Creating Works”.

* Requests to parents and teachers 

We hope that by applying for this summit, children will have the opportunity to learn “how to create peace” rather than learning about the history of “war” and “weapons” in your own country.


For example, what has been seen in peace learning so far is the idea of “creating world peace by telling the tragedy of war so as not to repeat such history.”

Of course that is important, but we hope that children will learn one step further.


For example, we hope that children will be able to present ideas that they can actively contribute to world peace while being excited as follows.
“I want to create peace by learning the languages and cultures of many countries and making friends with people all over the world so that we can solve problems through discussions without using weapons.”

Recruitment period

April 30 (Fri) to June 30 (Wed), 2021 

* The selection committee will check the submitted works from time to time, and will select and contact 10 participants of the Children’s World Peace Summit from all the applicants.

* Application may be closed as soon as the number of children’s representatives reaches 10 of her, so we recommend that you apply early.

About representatives of children

We will select 10 people from those who submitted excellent works.

Children’s representatives will give a speech on the submitted work

at the Members’ Office Building of the House of Representatives.  

Date and time: Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Venue: International Conference Hall of the House of Representative Members Office Building, Japan

             2-2-1 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 


* Travel expenses such as transportation expenses will be borne by each person.

* There will be interview staff and shooting staff on the day, so you are required to consent to the photography and use of photos and videos.

Special judge on August 10

Ms. Naoko Yamazaki,


In March 2010, she flew to the ISS aboard the space shuttle Discovery (STS-131). In 2011, she retired from JAXA. After that, she is a member of the Space Policy Committee of the Cabinet Office,
an advisor of the Young Astronauts Club Japan (YAC), and a council member of the Earthshot Prize, which is a global environmental award.

Mr. Ken Noguchi, 

Japanese mountaineer *in the Video

A mountaineer, he successfully climbed Mount Everest in 1999, setting a world record for the youngest person to reach the summit of the highest peak on each of the seven continents at the age of 25. The following year, he began cleaning up the trash on Everest and Mt. He has been involved in educational support activities in Nepal, environmental activities, and disaster relief activities in Japan and abroad.

Mr. Tomohiro Nagatsuka,

Silver medalist at the Athens Olympics

Born in 1978. Born in Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Graduated from the graduate school of Waseda University, and started cycling at the age of 15, participating in three consecutive Olympic Games from 2000, and winning a silver medal in the cycling event at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Since then, he has appeared on a number of economic and other programs that are unique for an athlete. He is currently active in a wide range of activities, including supporting the disaster-stricken areas in Tohoku and contributing to society.

Mr.Toshifumi Kataoka, Executive Director, Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Born in 1964 in Osaka. Graduated from the Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education, The University of Tokyo, and is the Executive Director of NHK. He has worked as a documentary director for many years, producing NHK specials on the Japanese economy and China, as well as Close-Up Gendai, and has served as a commentator on manufacturing, corporate strategy, and innovation from 2012 to June of this year. He is the author of “Unconventional Manufacturing” (co-authored with Hitoshi Yamada) and other works. His hobby is vocal music.

Mr. Masanori Kanda,

Former Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Writer  

B.A. in Foreign Languages, Sophia University. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from New York University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

After working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a strategy consulting firm, and a foreign manufacturer (Japan representative), he founded Alma Creation, a company that provides coaching for building new growth businesses and developing leaders. 


Mr. Shinji Inoue, Minister for the World Expo 2025 

As Minister of State for International Expositions and Minister of State for Special Missions in the Cabinet Office, he has been involved in the Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025, science and technology, space, health and medical strategies, consumer protection, food safety, the Cool Japan Strategy, and public document management. He has also served as Deputy Minister of the Environment, Deputy Minister of the Cabinet Office, and Chairman of the House of Representatives Cabinet Committee.


◎ Grand Award: 1 person
◎ Excellence Award (including Jury Prize): 10 people

Grand Prize (1)
◎ Excellence Award (4)

◎ Supporting Company Award (5)

The judges will commend the children’s representatives with comments.

* Even if not selected as one of the 10 children’s representatives, we will post the excellent works on our website and send a certificate of commendation by mail (or email).

Rules for the work to be submitted

Please summarize your own thoughts and experiences, thoughts based on the researched contents, etc. as an essay or video work. Make sure that the submitted work has never been announced at other competitions.
(However, you can apply for works that were announced only in class or club activities.)

Please submit either “A) Essay” or “B) Video” below with the application form. 

Please download the application form from our website.
Alternatively, we can accept files created by typing all the necessary information in text creation tool such as Google Docs.
If you apply from the school, you can also enter it in the UMU system.

Introduction of Entries

How to apply

Please apply from this website.

It is also possible to have them summarized at school. Please feel free to contact us.


After applying from the homepage, you will automatically receive an email from the secretariat.

Follow the instructions in the email to attach your work (or upload it to the specified URL) and submit your work.

* If it is difficult to apply from the website, please contact us in advance.

About contacting the elected children

By June 30, 2021, the Secretariat of the Children’s World Peace Summit will contact the email address or phone number you applied for.

At that time, the parental authority will be required to fill out the consent form (permission to shoot, etc.) regarding attendance at the summit on August 10.

About copyright

You need to agree to the following:

The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the applicant. However, the Peace Piece Project and a third party authorized by the Company may use, post, reprint, publicly transmit, etc. the work indefinitely free of charge for the purpose of implementing or promoting the Children’s World Peace Summit. (Including public relations, press releases, and event announcements)


Example of use) 

・Use on the Peace Piece Project website and activity reports

・Use on the SNS of Peace Piece Project (Twitter etc.)

・Media coverage such as TV, newspapers, and magazines



* Notice
For those who cannot read Japanese, we translated it into English using a translation tool, but please agree to the notation in Japanese.



子ども世界平和サミットの実施やプロモーション(広報、報道発表、 イベントの告知を含みます)等に活用する目的で、 

一般社団法人ピースピースプロジェクト及び当社が許可した第三者が、 作品を、無償かつ無期限に使用、掲載、転載、公衆送信等することを承諾するものとします。 




・一般社団法人ピースピースプロジェクトのツイッターなどの SNS で発信 



We are not responsible for any claims and damages caused to the applicant or a third parties due to the use of the submitted work for us.

* Notice
For those who cannot read Japanese, we translated it into English using a translation tool, but please agree to the notation in Japanese.


List of download materials

● Application Requirements
Application Requirements(pdf)


Application Form2021(Excel)  / ApplicationForm 2021(PDF)


● (Sample)Application Form | Children’s World Peace Summit
Application Form | Children’s World Peace Summit

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