Corporate supporters 

 Would you like to support children's peace learning through corporate CSR activities?

Corporate supporters are companies and organizations that support the activities of the Peace Piece Project by donating 120,000 yen (annual).


The Peace Piece Project is a general incorporated association that promotes activities in Japan and overseas to learn how to create world peace with children, mainly teenagers, and to cultivate the ability to create peace for young people.


Here, we will introduce how we can collaborate with the Peace Piece Project in corporate CSR activities.

 Benefits of supporting Peace Piece project

 1. Collaboration experiences of cooperation with highly reliable institutions

The Peace Piece Project has held events supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and has been working in collaboration with educational institutions such as the Board of Education and schools.


In addition, a speech at the World Congress of the World Women Entrepreneurs Association (FCEM), which originated in France in 1945 and has more than 120 member countries, and a group of female business owners headquartered in Australia with branches in 13 countries. We also carry out overseas activities such as participating in “IWFCI”.


In recent years, we have also held collaboration events with embassies, and we are an incorporated association with a track record of cooperation with highly reliable institutions, so you can support us with confidence.

 2. Activities to raise children who create peace - Contributing to the SDGs

Some 250 million children live in conflict-affected countries and regions.
Many children are feeling hard and sad, such as losing their lives and losing their families by dispute, violence, environmental destruction.



The Peace Piece Project defines the realization of world peace as creating an earth where children can live with peace of mind. And we are raising children who create peace to make it happen.


Currently, there is no subject of “peace education” in Japanese school classes. How about in your country?


It is important not only to learn the history of war and to deal with experiential novels and poetry, but also to learn to think concretely about “how to create peace” with children.

For example, we publish books for peace learning in multiple anguages and use them in educational settings, and we are hosting the “Children’s World Peace Summit” where children give a speech on how to create peace at an international organization where the heads of countries gather.


By experiencing learning and thinking about peace during the important period of teenagers who develop both physically and mentally, we will raise children who will be aware of world peace and create peace.


All of our activities contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which is an action plan for humans, and the planet to ensure our ongoing prosperity, promoting by the UN.


By supporting the activities of the Peace Piece Project, I think we can gain the sympathy of many people, including employees, shareholders, business partners and customers.

Benefits of corporate supporters

 1. Presenting a letter of appreciation

Peace Piece Project presents a letter of appreciation to corporate supporters.

 2. Right to use logo (excluding commercial use)

You can use the Peace Piece Project logo on the website of corporate supporters. (Excluding commercial use)


Regarding the use of the logo, please submit a separate logo use application.

 3. Right to use the following expressions on corporate websites

You can write the following expressions on the website of corporate supporters.

・ “We are corporate supporters of Peace Piece Project”

・ “We support the activities of the Peace Piece Project”

・ “We support the activities of the Peace Piece Project to raise children who create world peace.”


If you have any other expressions you would like to use, please feel free to contact us.

 Supporter membership dues

The supporter membership dues is 120,000 yen per unit + consumption tax.

The supporter period is from January to December every year, and even if you join in the middle of the period, you cannot get a monthly installment.

Bank information 





Intermediary Bank

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas NY

Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt

Intermediary Bank BIC (SWIFT)



Beneficiary Bank

Japan Post Bank


Head Office

Beneficiary Bank Address

3-1, Otemachi 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8793, Japan

Beneficiary Bank BIC (SWIFT)


Beneficiary Bank CHIPS UID



Payee Account Number


Name of Payee Account Holder

Peace Piece Project (一般社団法人ピースピースプロジェクト)

Payee Address

1-17-25, Deshio Minami-Ku, Hiroshima-Shi, Hiroshima 734-0001, Japan

Payee Telephone Number


Please be sure to inform the secretariat of the following 5 points after you make the transfer.

(1) the amount and date and time of the transfer,

(2) company name, title, name,

(3) address, (4) phone number,

(5) email address.


* If you do not inform the secretariat of the transfer information from (1) to (5) above, you may not be able to use the corporate supporter benefits.


* A separate application is required for using the logo. Please contact the secretariat.

Peace Piece Project Secretariat

Phone+81(082)253-0693 ※ Weekdays 9:00 to 18:00