Corporate supporters 

Would you like to support activities to nurture children who will create peace as part of your company's CSR activities?

Peace Piece Project is an organization that promotes activities in Japan and abroad to foster the ability of youth to create peace by learning how to create world peace with children, especially teenagers. Corporate supporters can support Peace Piece Project’s activities as a company by making a donation. Corporate supporters can also promote their support for the Peace Piece Project in their public relations activities. (Application required)

How to Register - Donate 11,000 yen per month

<Agreement: Please read and agree to the terms of this agreement before registering.>
Supporter Period: The Corporate Supporter Period is the month in which your donation is paid.
Corporate Supporter Privileges require a separate application and agreement to the terms and conditions.
If you do not apply, or if you do not agree with the confirmation items to use the privileges, you will not be able to use the privileges.
The Peace Piece Project Secretariat will terminate the registration of corporate supporters if any of the following is found to apply, or if it is determined that the corporate supporter’s registration is in violation of the Peace Peace Project’s philosophy.
- In the case of companies/organizations that cannot be registered: Consumer/business finance, pachinko-related, adult-related, or other corporations/organizations that are deemed offensive to public order and morals, or antisocial forces.
Donations will not be refunded for any reason.

If you agree to the above, please register below.

Corporate supporter registration fee: 11,000 yen per month
Donation method: Credit card payment
Donation by credit card debit on the 27th of each month. (Only for the first month, payment will be made on the day of registration.)

Use of Corporate Supporter Benefits

1.Newsletter distribution (no application required)

We provide Peace Piece Project bulletins via email. (irregular)
The newsletter will be sent to your e-mail address when you register as a corporate supporter.

2.Corporate name on the Peace Piece Project website (application required)

The name of the corporation will be posted on the Peace Piece Project website. (Application required)
If you wish to have your corporate name listed, please apply here.

3.Inclusion in your company's corporate brochure, business report, and social contribution report of the fact that you are a corporate supporter of the Peace Piece Project (application required)

You may apply in advance to be listed as a corporate supporter of the Peace Piece Project in your company brochure, business report, company profile section of your company’s website, and social activities page.

<Available media>
 Company brochures, business reports, social contribution reports, company newsletters, company profile or social activity pages on your company’s website. (It is not allowed to be posted in sales catalogs, business cards, or on the top page of your website.

<Example of text> Text to notify that you are a corporate member
Please prepare a draft of the text and submit it in advance along with the media layout. 
(Example of notice) 
・(Company name) is a corporate supporter of the Peace Piece Project. 
・(Company name) has been a corporate supporter of the Peace Piece Project since January, 2010, supporting its activities to nurture children who will create peace.