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To create an earth where 250 million children around the world can live with peace of mind, we need many understanding people and supporters.

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 Activities of Peace Pieace Project

Mission  The significance and mission of the Peace Piece Project

Realization of World Peace


– Create an earth where children can live with peace of mind

Since the start of our activities in 2009,

we have been able to work with a large number of children, including the following activities.


・Achieve a Guinness Record with the “World’s Largest Paper Crane”

・Formed a support team to invite the Olympics to Hiroshima and submitted over 600,000 signatures to the mayor

・Publication of a manga that tells how to create world peace  through the history of Japan’s reconstruction

・Organized the Children’s World Peace Summit supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your kindness.


By the way, even if you hear “world peace”, some people may not have a concrete image.


As the years have passed since World War II, very few people have first-hand experience of the time of the war and remembered the reconstruction.

We must learn that peace is maintained by the efforts of many predecessors, and how they have built peace.



Globally, some 250 million children live in conflict-affected countries and regions.

Wherever the environment in which children are born and raised, creating an earth where they can live with peace of mind is a very urgent and important task.



The Peace Piece Project defines the realization of world peace as creating an earth where children can live with peace of mind. 

And we are raising children who create peace to make it happen.

Vision Goals to achieve world peace

Raising Children who Create World Peace

Currently, there is no subject of “peace education” in Japanese school classes. How about in your country?


It is important not only to learn the history of war and to deal with experiential novels and poetry, but also to learn to think concretely about “how to create peace” with children.


For example, we publish books for peace learning in multiple languages and use them in educational settings, and we are hosting the “Children’s World Peace Summit” where children give a speech on how to create peace at an international organization where the heads of countries gather.


By experiencing learning and thinking about peace during the important period of teenagers who develop both physically and mentally,

we will raise children who will be aware of world peace and create peace.