Learn how to create peace with children around the age of 10

Around 10 years old is a time of very important mental growth that shifts from a child to an adult.

Until children were 6-8 years old, they used to think simply by using what they saw, heard, and experienced.
Around 10 years old, they will gradually be able to think abstractly in your head.

According to the theory of cognitive development by developmental psychologist and child psychologist Jean Piaget (Swiss), at the age of 7-11, they will be able to develop logical thinking skills and be able to think from the standpoint of others.

Starting at the age of 11, they will be able to apply their knowledge and experience to make hypotheses, predict what will happen if this is the case, and act and speak.

It can be said that the rise in abstract thinking power depends on the individual and the time and ability, and is largely supported by the experience up to that point.

For example, while playing with various friends from an early age, having the experience of being able to get along even if you have a fight will make it easier to understand the concept of friendship.

For example, if you have a lot of experience playing with a seesaw, you will quickly understand the science balance learning.

It is necessary for parents and other adults to follow up on the growth of the child while valuing the independence of the child.

We, Peace Piece Project, will raise children who will achieve world peace by providing an opportunity for them to think about how to achieve world peace.

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