Please support our activities to nurture children who will create peace.

You can support Peace Piece Project’s activities with a monthly donation of a certain amount.

 Credit Card Registration

Individual supporter registration fee: From 1,100 yen per month
Donation method: Credit card payment
Donation by credit card debit on the 27th of each month. (Only for the first month, payment is made on the day of registration.)

<Agreement: Please read and agree to the terms of this agreement before registering.>
Supporter Period: The month in which your donation is paid is your individual supporter period.
The Peace Piece Project Secretariat will terminate the registration of corporate supporters if any of the following is found to apply, or if it is determined that the corporate supporter’s registration is in violation of the Peace Peace Project’s philosophy.
- In the case of companies/organizations that cannot be registered: Consumer/business finance, pachinko-related, adult-related, or other corporations/organizations that are deemed offensive to public order and morals, or antisocial forces.
Donations will not be refunded for any reason.

You can support us with any amount from 1,100 yen per month.

If you would like to register by bank transfer, please support us by making a donation below.