[Notable person]

・Nobel Peace Prize Winner / The 44th President of the US President Barack Obama
・Ms.Caroline Kennedy, former Ambassador of Japan to Japan
・Mr.Ali Al Madani, official of the United Arab Emirates royal family
・Mr.Son, Vice President, Alibaba Group
・Mr.Dmitry Mariyasin, UNDP Resident Representative (Armenia)
・Ms.Diana R Abruzzi, Founder, International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI)
・Ms.Marie Christine Oghly, President, FCEM (the pioneer association uniting women business owners from the world over)
and many others…

[School / Educational institution]

Free lending to the following schools:
・Yamaguchi prefecture Shimonoseki 72 schools (all elementary school and junior high school, Nobori-cho elementary school (Hiroshima) , Nakajima elementary school (Hiroshima), Asahi-juku elementary school (Okayama), Handa elementary school (Aichi)
・National Diet Library, Hiroshima City small, medium and high school library of 216 schools
・Peace Memorial Museum, 12 Hiroshima City Library
・Hiroshima City Economic and Environment ・Bureau Tourism Policy Division (600 books as a peace study material for school trip)
・The Japanese Weekend School (NY), New York City Library, Special Music School (NY)
・International School Of Paris, EIB – The Victor Hugo School (Paris, France)
・Magoso school (Kenyan orphanage)
・Street Children Support Facility in the Philippines
and many others…