Since the Children’s World Peace Summit is an event for teenagers, the participants must be between the ages of 10 and 19 as of August 3, 2022.

The application period for the 3rd Children’s World Peace Summit is from Monday, April 18, 2022 to Tuesday, May 31, 2022.
We may close the call for entries as soon as the number of children’s representatives reaches 10, so we encourage you to submit your entries as soon as possible.

In principle, please apply from your school. If you wish to apply directly without going through your school, please apply through this application page.
Please note that we do not accept individual questions regarding applications.

We would like to see speeches that focus on “peace,” such as “Peace is the fact that there is ________” or “I feel peace when there is ________.
If you are giving a speech from the perspective of “peace is the absence of ________,” give a speech about why the absence of ________ would lead to peace. (Example: I think it would be peaceful if we could eliminate weapons from the world and solve problems through discussion. I want to create peace by learning the languages and cultures of many countries and making friends with people from all over the world so that we can discuss conflicts when they occur.)

The word “peace” in a nutshell has an abstract meaning. First, let’s think about what “peace” means to you, and then try to define “peace” by saying, “Peace means ____.
If you find it difficult to think about peace, you can think about world peace by thinking of someone around you whom you would like to make happy, and asking yourself, “What would make that person happy? There are many other ways to do this, such as looking at newspapers, thinking from recent news, or interviewing friends and family.
Then, once you have a definition of “peace,” you can think about what you can do to achieve that world peace. For example, “Is there anything I can do through my committee or club activities?” or “Is there anything I can do through my dreams for the future?”, let’s think about what you and everyone else can and want to do together with your friends, school teachers, and family, connecting it to your own dreams. Please share your ideas for creating world peace through free thinking.

Both are possible. Editing is not a criterion for judging.

In principle, we ask that you participate locally.
However, if it is difficult for you to participate due to natural disaster, illness, or other social circumstances, you may apply if you indicate so at the time of application.

The announcement of the children’s representatives to the 3rd Children’s World Peace Summit is scheduled for late June 2022.

It is okay if more than one person, such as a group of friends or a class, shoots a video, but one representative of the group must submit the video as the applicant. In such cases, we will assume that the applicant has obtained permission for portrait rights and other rights other than those of the applicant. Also, if a group’s entry is selected, only one person will be allowed to speech at the House of Representatives.

➀ Whether submitted two items: a video and an application form (speech manuscript) or not.
② Whether the speech contains words that refer to what peace is or not.
③ Whether the speech contains “ideas for achieving peace” or not.
The above three points are essential criteria for selection.
(For reference) In the past, the finalists were those whose entries had the following characteristics: “original,” “sounds fun,” “has a dream,” “concrete,” “directly related to future dreams,” “can be tackled immediately,” “appeal for cooperation,” and “own experiences.”

It organized and managed by Peace Piece Project.

As soon as it is decided, it will be announced on this website.

(Judges for 2021: Ms. Naoko Yamazaki, Astronaut / Mr. Ken Noguchi, Japanese mountaineer / Mr. Tomohiro Nagatsuka, Silver medalist at the Athens Olympics / Mr. Toshifumi Kataoka, Executive Director, Japan Broadcasting Corporation / Mr. Masanori Kanda, Former Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Writer)