Business Overview

Peace Piece Project realizes world peace
by raising children who create peace

The name and logo of the Peace Piece Project have the meaning that
“If each small piece of love gathers, it can create a great peace.”


Realizing world peace
~ Creating an earth where children can live with peace of mind


Raising children who create peace

Some 250 million children live in conflict-affected countries and regions.
Many children are feeling hard and sad, such as losing their lives and losing their families by dispute, violence, environmental destruction.

The Peace Piece Project aims to realize world peace by holding the Children’s World Peace Summit with children around the world and creating an earth where children can live with peace of mind.

All of our activities contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which is an action plan for humans, and the planet to ensure our ongoing prosperity, promoting by the UN.

Description of Business

● Hold the Children’s World Peace Summit

・Peace discussion by children around the world  ・Oath by children

● Promotion of peace learning

・Create textbooks for peace learning
・Cooperation with educational institutions, free lending of comics, utilization of peace learning, school visits, lecturers

● Enlightening Activities and Supporters Recruitment

・Speech and lecture at international summit
・Peace Speech at UN
・Publicity activities and events, lectures to cultivate companions
・Donation of comics to international organizations and important persons, activity reports, etc.

Company Overview

Company name Peace Piece Project
Founded July 15, 2015
*Our activities started in May 2009. In July 2015, became an incorporated association.
Representative Pink Shacho Taeko Tada
Business overview World Peace Realization Project
– Children’s World Peace Summit
– Promotion of Peace Learning: Creating textbooks for peace education
Headquarters 1-17-25 Deshio, Minami-ku, Hiroshima, JAPAN
Contact Number Tel: +81(82)253-0528 * Weekdays 9:00 to 18:00
Record ・Guinness World Record for the largest paper crane in the world
・2020 Hiroshima Olympic Support Activities
・Established “Pink Day” on April 4