After the war, Hiroshima made a miraculous recovery in terms of spirit and life. We made a manga about the strong and beautiful women who did not stagnate with resentment or hatred toward anyone, but looked forward with a forgiving heart. We used the cartoons as a textbook for peace education. 
The manga focuses on the “reconstruction” of Hiroshima. Based on the true story of the original author’s great-grandmother, who lost her parents in the atomic bombing and raised her mother with her own hands while she rebuilt her business and continued to contribute to the community, the manga was first published in 2015 and is available in multiple languages.

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President Obama was moved by the manga "The Hiroshima Miracle".

 The historical fact that the women of Hiroshima achieved reconstruction conveys the "importance of peace" and the "spirit of forgiveness".

The grandmother of the author, Taeko Tada, was killed in the atomic bombing.
Her mother and great-grandmother were exposed to the bomb 1.5 km from the hypocenter, but miraculously survived and experienced the reconstruction of Hiroshima.
Tada grew up hearing about the A-bomb experience from her parents, grandparents, and other relatives.

Every year, 300,000 children visit Hiroshima on school excursions to learn about peace.
With growing public interest in “peace,” the number of students on school trips to Hiroshima has increased by approximately 1.5 times. (compared to 2013)
Most books about Hiroshima have conveyed to the world the tragedy of the atomic bombing.
Many records and documents only convey the misery, and young people in particular may be tempted to turn away.
The manga “The Hiroshima Miracle” depicts the historical reconstruction of Hiroshima from a woman’s point of view, full of compassion and love, and is easy to use in peace studies, such as moral education and integrated learning time.

Here is one of the episodes of reconstruction.

At the time of the atomic bombing, most men went to war, so in Hiroshima city there were many women left, including Taeko’s great-grandmother. The roots of famous Okonomiyaki as a soul food in Hiroshima is “Issen-Yoshoku” which they baked using rubble in the burning land. 
Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima has many names “○ ○ chan” because many women who lost their fathers and husbands in the war had opened stores with their own power.  The name of the female owner who worked hard is attached.

 President Obama is impressed by reading "The Hiroshima Miracle"!

On April 14, 2016, we donated “The Hiroshima Miracle” to Ms. Caroline Kennedy, US Ambassador to Japan, to make President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima a reality. Then, Ms. Kennedy gave us a thank-you letter saying, ” I will send it to Washington (President Obama).” And on May 27, 2016, President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima was realized. At a later date, President Obama gave us a thank-you letter saying, “I am moved by your story.”

Publication in 6 official UN languages and adoption as a textbook for peace studies

We have published the book in Japanese, English, French, and Spanish, but in order for the book to be read by children around the world and to teach them how to create peace, we need to work in the languages spoken in their countries. We will first publish the book in the six official languages of the United Nations (English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish), which are used by many people, and we would appreciate your support as a corporate or individual supporter.

Use in Educational Institutions

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