We work with educational institutions to promote peace learning.

・In cooperation with the Shimonoseki City Board of Education, peace learning at all 72 elementary and junior high schools in Shimonoseki City
・Visit to Yumegaoka Junior High School and Seii Elementary School and peace lessons

・Visit the superintendent of education and the mayor and report on our activities
・Donation to all 216 elementary schools, junior high schools, and high school libraries in Hiroshima City in cooperation with the Hiroshima City Board of Education

・Visit Hiroshima City Noboricho Elementary School, Hiroshima City Nakajima Elementary School
・Preliminary study of school trip with Asahi Juku Elementary School (Okayama) and guide on the day of school trip

In addition, in collaboration with the Hiroshima City Economic and Tourism Bureau, we donated 600 books as peace learning materials for school excursions, and provided e-books and learning PDFs.
We also had a peace education discussion with students from the Kanto Gakuin University Faculty of Education, Child Development Department.