If you are an educator, please send us your school application form by e-mail first.

If you are an individual applicant, please apply using the form on this page.

If you apply individually
Please be sure to read the rules and precautions for making a video in “How to make a video” before submitting your entry.
* We will not be able to respond to any inquiries regarding your entry (how to make a video, how to send it, confirmation of receipt of e-mail, etc.).

Please submit two documents: a speech video of up to three minutes in length and an application form (speech manuscript).

Please be sure to read before applying

(1) Please fill in and send this application form by the parent (parental authority) of the child applying for the Children’s World Peace Summit.
(2) The work will be used free of charge for posting on the Internet, public relations papers, television and newspaper coverage.
(3) The personal information you enter will be managed appropriately based on the privacy policy.
Handling of personal information

(4) After you sent the application information from the following, we will send you the how to send the work by automatic reply email.
Please follow the steps in the email to send (or upload) your work to the secretariat within the day.

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Application Form

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