Impressions written by children

Children who don’t know the war read “The Hiroshima Miracle” and thought for oneself and wrote their honest feelings.
It is only a small part, but we will introduce an excerpt.
We would like to translate and publish this story in many languages, and tell children around the world how to create peace.

Time never stops moving forward

The words that left the biggest impression on me were those of Taeko’s great-grandma.

“Time never stops moving forward. If you hate people, it‛ll just leave you stuck in one place.
We‛re happier if we live our lives feeling thankful for the good things, not complaining about the bad.”
I thought this was a key to living a positive life.

My great-grandmother also experienced war.
She died this year, but before the meal, she put her palms together and bowed deeply for a long time, and after the meal she was doing the same as before the meal. She did it every day and she was grateful for many things. That figure overlapped with Taeko’s great-grandmother and I was very impressed.

Like her, I will spend my days smiling without forgetting to thank me.

You can hate war, but you mustn’t hate people or countries.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, only the misery caused by the atomic bomb was explained, such as those who were burned from the hot wire of the atomic bomb and the clothes with glass pieces that flew in the blast. So I became scared and sad.
However, this comic wrote about how the people of Hiroshima created the current spirited city, so I was very fun and absorbed in reading it.

I was amazing and moved by the fact that the people in Hiroshima who helped each other in response to the atomic bomb damage.
I was very impressed with the word “You can hate war, but you mustn’t hate people or countries.“
I felt this idea will make the world peaceful.
From now on, I want to cherish forgiveness mind in order for the whole world to be peaceful.

I was very good reading this comic

Now, it is very peaceful compared to the times of war.
But even in the absence of war, there are people who suffer from discrimination and bullying all over the world.
This comic gave me advice, such as confidence and courage, to be able to overcome everything with a positive attitude, even when things were tough or sad.
I was very good reading this comic.

Besides that, we got a lot of impressions of peace from children.

◆ “I think that the person who worked hard hoping for the reconstruction of Hiroshima without giving up was great.
I also want to work on many things to make the world peaceful. ”

◆ “I learned the important thing that everyone helped each other and had the hope of living.”

◆ “I thought that I would like to help others who are suffering and troubled by speaking to themselves because of peace.”

◆ “It is my first time that I have been affected this way by reading cartoon books!
The kindness that existed in reality is impressed in the mind. I want people from all over the world to read it! ”

◆ “I was impressed with the fact that the people of Hiroshima never hurt or hate, and actively worked towards reconstruction positively.”

◆ “I have increased interest in peace than sadness and hatred of the dropping of the atomic bomb.”

Impressions from teachers and the general public

Not life that mourn for hardships, but a life grateful for being thankful

Hiroshima people lost everything when the atomic bomb was dropped. But they did not judge people, they lived powerfully with a feeling of “Forgive”. I was impressed by their appearance.
Taeko’s great-grandmother Tomoe’s words, which was said to be “not life to mourn for hardships, a life to thank you for thankfulness” remained strongly in my heart.
I will not forget to thank you for being able to live peacefully and freely now, I will live aiming for a bright and bright life.

I am impressed by the positive power and way of living of the women in Hiroshima

I did not know how Hiroshima had rebuilt after the atomic bomb until I read a book.
I also felt ashamed of myself who did not know about it.
I learned that “people in Hiroshima chose to move forward towards happiness more than hatred for their descendants and the future.” I have learned the deep power as a human being.
I looked to myself, what would I do if I were them.

I was impressed with the positive power and ways of living of Hiroshima women.
They are always moving forward and thinking something for the people.
I am thankful that my current happiness is due to their efforts.
Human beings Whatever the circumstances we have, I have found that we can live brightly and vigorously for the future if there is support from people and people.
Those are drawn by comic, so I read an easy-to-understand at a stretch.

I plan to donate to the library and the elementary and high school libraries.
I would be glad if you could read with many children and they understand the importance of peace.