Participated in the 65th FCEM World Congress

I joined the 65th World Congress of the World Female Entrepreneurs Association (FCEM) as a member of Japan.
* Since its establishment in France, it has a history of 72 years now, and the member countries span 113 countries of five continents.
(Duration: November 20 – 22, 2017, Venue: Rome, Italy)

We discussed the future economic growth with female entrepreneurs and shared the importance that female entrepreneurs will expand peace circles around the world through “The Hiroshima

【 Participant 】
· Ms. Laura Frati Gucci, FCEM world representative
· Ms. Gioia Ghezzi, President of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane
· Ms. SHAIKHA HIND BINT SALMAN ALKHALIFA, The royal family of the Kingdom of Bahrain
· Mr. Carlo Cottarelli, Executive Director, International Monetary Fund
· Ms. Luisa Todini, Italian politician
· Ms. ANA MARIA SANCHEZ SANCHEZ, President of the Mexican Female Entrepreneurs Association
· Ms. Chiara Corazza, Managing Director, Former Paris Investment Authority (GPIA)
· Ms. Nicoletta-Luppi, President, MSD Italia (pharmaceutical company)
· Ms. Marie-Christine Oghly, Order of the French State Medal (Merit Medal) Winner
· Ms. TERESA D. MEARES, President of DGG Uniform and Work Apparel Company
· Mr. Virginio Carnevali , Founder and vice president of Transparency International Italia
Many others